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«How do I create the most engaging content strategies in my social media plan?»

So what can we do for you?

  • Create an engagement strategy that keeps posts relevant and engages the user (i.e.: questions, clear messaging)
  • Set benchmarks for posting performance, with an expected outcome of various types of posts (remember, not all posts will over perform so a balanced approach is key)
  • Implement tools to help the scheduling and deployment of posts
  • Post when it is relevant to your target audience and when you have something interesting to say
  • Experiment – test, analyze, learn and test again

So in brief here is what do we make sure you achieve in your social media strategy:

We keep it simple – Simple concise posts outperform.
We keep it relevant – If the post is relevant to the audience at the time it is posted, that will create the best engagement. We make sure to use creative means to manufacture relevance or the tie to the time/day the post is made.
Benchmark and learn your specific needs, to come up with the ultimate solution tailor made for you.

And remember:

Many brands or businesses can easily create Facebook pages, start pushing out content and acquire fans, but they don’t have any kind of goal in mind. Before you can create a strategy, you have to understand your objectives and goals are.  Why are you going to be on Facebook in the first place? Your social media plan needs to fit within a larger integrated marketing strategy.

And we are here to achieve just that for you.


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