Talk To Me a new exhibition at MoMA

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Talk To Me is a new exhibition at MoMA in New York that explores how objects communicate with us, and in turn can help us communicate with others. The show features nearly 200 projects, all centred on interaction, and emphasises how the need to share information and have a dialogue with audiences is overtaking form and function in contemporary design…

Unusually for a museum show, the curators of Talk To Me were entirely open about their process in the run up to the show, placing all the projects that were being considered for entry on a website, The site has now been turned into a hub for the finished exhibition, featuring details of the 194 projects that made the final cut. As with any show about the ‘now’, Talk To Me is an eclectic mix. There are works centred on utility and information sharing rubbing up against pieces that would probably be more commonly described as fine art. But there are undoubtedly some brilliant ideas in the show. A number of projects, such as Chris Milk’s Wilderness Downtown and Chris O’Shea’s Hand From Above have already been covered in depth on the CR blog, but here’s a selection of the other projects on the site that stood out for us.

First up is Konstantin Datz’s Rubik’s Cube for the Blind, shown above, designed in 2010. Datz has replaced the cube’s usual coloured stickers with white panels embossed with the Braille words for each colour, transforming the game from a visual puzzle into a tactile one.


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