The gap has been filled: a universal logo for human rights

Human Rights logo selected LOGODESIGNLOVE

Human Rights logo

“From over 15,000 submission from more than 190 countries, people have chosen a winner. The Human Rights logo will become an open source product, free to be used by everyone, everywhere, without restrictions — for the purpose of promoting Human Rights.

Quoted from Logo Design Challenge for Human Rights.

After contention surrounding the voting process, voiced in the comment threads of each news post, a logo has finally been selected to represent human rights.

Human Rights logo unveiled
Rahav Segev/

The “free as a man” design, based upon a human hand and a bird in flight, was created by Serbian designer Predrag Stakić. The 32-year-old Belgrade-born designer will pocket €5,000 for having his design selected.

Human Rights logo unveiled
Photo credit

My opinion on the contest in general is still the same, but here’s to every success for those who submitted the 15,000+ designs.

Human Rights Logo Unveiled in New York
Serbian designer wins competition for a global human rights logo


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