Paying more for the same health insurance?

Blackly comic campaign | Switzerland

Imagine that you’re stuck in hospital next to a fellow patient who just wont let you forget that you paid more for the same health insurance than he did. You call the nurse to complain but she’s just as unconcerned as the guy in the next bed.

Advertising Agency: Walker, Zurich, Switzerland
Executive Creative Director: Pius Walker
Art director: Golf Nuntawat Chaipornkaew
Copywriters: Roger Beckett, Golf Nuntawat Chaipornkaew
Account Directors: Lisa Binkert, Cornelia Nunlist
Graphic Designer: Philipp Dornbierer
Production House: Knucklehead
Director: Ben Gregor
DOP: Douglas Koch
Producer: Jane Tredget
Editor: Mark Burnett ` Speade
Published: October 2011


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